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A College Degree: The Best Investment Return

| March 11, 2022
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The cost of a college degree at a private, four-year institution may feel like paying a hefty home mortgage or another large debt. Tuition at both public and private colleges has risen rapidly over the past decade, leaving many parents and prospective students wondering whether the return on such an investment would really be worth it. 

Here are some considerations that still support the pursuit of a college education:

Many careers across industries require an undergraduate degree.

  • Starting salaries are usually higher for college graduates.
  • Employees with college degrees generally face fewer periods of unemployment and have much higher chances of continued employment throughout their working careers.
  • Our technology revolution demands specialization and, often, continuing or postgraduate education. 

So, is a college degree worth the investment? Considering the potential advantages, it may certainly be worth the effort to pursue the opportunity for a career that is both satisfying and rewarding.

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