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Accident-Proofing Your Home

| February 06, 2019
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While you and your family appreciate the many comforts of home, the potential accident risks that exist inside and outside your home may go unnoticed. Here are some simple steps to help convert your home sanctuary into a safer environment for family members and house guests to enjoy:

  • Make sure your smoke alarms are tested regularly and ensure batteries are working.
  • Check rooms, hallways, and stairs and remove any clutter, objects, cables, or loose rugs that someone could trip over. Remember to put non-slip rubber mats or self-adhesive strips on your bathroom tub or shower floors to help avoid slips and falls.
  • Use brighter light bulbs to illuminate staircases and foyers. Install night lights that turn on automatically after dark. Also, keep the exterior of your home well lit, particularly during the fall and winter months with fewer daylight hours.
  • Children or pets should never be left unattended in a room with a burning candle. Keep matches and lighters out of reach at all times. Place candles away from papers, curtains, and rugs or any other combustible items.
  • Put socket covers on all electrical outlets in your house to prevent electrical burn or shock. Teach your children to switch off and unplug appliances when not in use, and not to touch electric appliances with wet hands or when near water.
  • When entering or backing out of your driveway or garage, always look out for children and pets that may be difficult to see under or near your vehicle.

Remember, being consistent with safety behaviors is key to helping maintain an accident-proof home environment for your family, friends, and pets.

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