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Flying the “Friendly” Skies?

| January 08, 2018
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Whether you are flying for business or for pleasure, it is wise to remember that crime doesn’t stop at the airport terminal doors. If you find yourself flying through the “friendly” skies, you should consider taking the following steps to protect yourself from the possibility of theft or assault. 

Terminal Tips: 

o Remember your mother’s admonishment to “Never speak to strangers.”? Well, it still holds true. A talkative stranger at the terminal could be a “front” for well-organized pickpockets. 

o Don’t wear ostentatious or expensive jewelry and clothing. You don’t want to say “Look at me!” to those seeking a wealthy target. 

o Avoid carrying your money, credit cards, and other valuables in one area of your clothing. You will reduce the chance of being “wiped out” if something is lost or stolen. 

o Never leave luggage unattended or ask an unknown fellow traveler to watch it. Even if you just turn to get a quick soda, a thief can strike in the blink of an eye. 

o Be observant and prepared to react quickly. Overloading yourself with luggage may prevent you from acting quickly to protect yourself. 

o Know where you’re going! Travelers who appear lost are primary targets for criminals. If you are lost, seek help from airline personnel not strangers. 

o Keep a strong lock on your luggage and frequently check your briefcase lock to maintain its effectiveness. 

o Check for logos and business names on business transportation vehicles. If in doubt, request to see the driver’s identification. 

o If you drive to the airport, consider what time of day you’ll be returning before you park your car. If you will be returning at night, remember to park where there is good lighting and preferably near the exit you will be using. 

Airports can be bustling hives and potentially unsafe, but they don’t have to be “terminal;” travel smart and have a good trip!

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